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In an Instagram account I created called @whatyousave, I asked users to direct message any and all content they had saved on social media. As I received these posts, I reposted the content to the account. Each post is unaltered from its original source, except for the caption which simply states the type of platform and the user that it was posted from. 

While I sought to limit the presence of curation, I quickly realized that this was inevitable. In asking for content that others have saved, I also asked them to go through their self-organized collections and again curate a series of posts to send to me, whether I wanted it to be consciously selected or not. By design, visual social media platforms like Instagram encourage users to consume, collect, and curate, and this curation is hard to avoid even in the case of my archival account. Through re-filtering content back into the platform itself, I created a meta version of collecting wherein I continued the process of curating digital images of passion that were saved by users on social media.


It was through surveying and categorizing content from the What You Save account that I was able to acquire the found visual material used in my animation.

The piece utilizes elements of pastiche to create a new digital identity and emphasizes the reproduction of images on social media through its manipulated content and collaged style. In taking apart and putting together pieces of images almost like a puzzle, I demonstrate how these individually saved digital objects are a synecdoche, or part of a larger whole that is the collective circulation of images on Instagram.

Our tendency to save, organize, and consume objects and images around us has existed for a long time and will continue to exist, taking new forms, but continuing to be representative of ourselves and our participation in cultures of collecting.

Disclaimer: The images as well as the music and voiceover used in this animation are not my own. They come from a variety of sources and users who have posted them publicly to Instagram. I intentionally animate them as part of a creative project. I do not intend to sell or profit from these images nor the video they are included in.

  Watch the full animation here

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Sophia is currently existing almost entirely digitally, but in the physical realm she is always creating things. She is an art and media studies dual major from the Bay Area hoping to pursue graphic design after graduation. When she is not looking at tiny Zoom boxes (and sometimes even when she is) she has kept her hands busy crocheting and making things out of clay.

She wants to thank her readers Professor Tran and Professor Kovitz for all their virtual help this semester, as well as professors Nancy Macko and Melanie Nakaue for their continual support over the last four years. 

To stay up to date on Sophia’s work and creative side projects you can go to www.sophiadavirro.com or her Instagram, @stuffbysoph.