Join With Computer Audio   

  Scripps College Senior Art Exhibition December 2020  

As a group of eight senior art majors, we never could have predicted our senior thesis semester would be preluded by the watershed disruption of COVID-19 and a global outcry against social injustice. This semester, we have not only witnessed a historic presidential election, but one in the midst of a deadly pandemic, slew of wildfires, and ongoing protests. These events undoubtedly affected each of us as individuals and artists in many different ways. Creating art in this time is a completely different experience from what we are all used to, but we recognize that by pushing ourselves and each other forward, we can take advantage of this historical moment to create artworks that we can be proud of forever.

We have persevered through 2020 and are proud to present our capstone projects as the culmination of our undergraduate artistic studies. Join With Computer Audio is the dynamic digital platform we created to display our work in a safe and accessible manner. Although we have been limited in terms of resources, social interactions, and peace of mind, we as a class have navigated these waters together and come up with creative solutions and even more creative manifestations of our hard work. We were fortunate to have each other for guidance and inspiration, along with our surroundings and the many events mentioned above. We have not only grown as artists, but as people, too.

Our title, Join With Computer Audio, is a homage to everyone’s most-utilized platform this year, Zoom. Through many sessions in class and visiting artist events, our class virtually made strides in planning, critiques, and sometimes forgetting to mute ourselves. Overall this year was filled with virtual smiles, a lot of hard work, and gratitude for being able to be part of such a passionate and driven team.

We would like to thank the Scripps Art Department faculty and staff for supporting and mentoring us through our projects, especially our advisor Professor Kasper Kovitz for being our guide throughout this unique semester.

- Sam, Julia, Sophia, Natalie, Blake, Juliana, Mabel, and Alice